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Vickers and Barrow are names synonymous with the development of the submarine. Hundreds of submarines covering virtually every class have been built for the Royal Navy and foreign Navies. This site is dedicated to not only to those who have served on Her Majesty's Submarines but also to those employees past and present whose skills and efforts have given pride to the phrase 'Barrow built' and made the name Vickers known and respected throughout the world.

On This Day - April 17

18781878 - 1919: MercuryLaunched at Pembroke Dockyard
1915E15Ran aground after trying to enter the Sea of Marmara

On 17th April 1915 whilst attempting to run beneath the minefields guarding the Dardanelle Straits, HMS E15 was swept ashore by the strong currents. The submarine ran aground directly under the guns of Fort Dardanus. E15 came under heavy fire from the fort, one shell killing the Captain, another hitting the vessels battery compartment forcing the crew to surrender.

Many attempts were made to prevent the submarine falling into enemy hands and finally a torpedo launched from HMS Majestic put paid to Turkish attempts to re-float the submarine.
1940Taku (N38)While searching for 5 German destroyers reported to be in her area HMS Taku fires 4 torpedoes against the British destroyer HMS Ashanti. Luckily all torpedoes missed their target.
1941Truant (N68)HMS Truant sinks the Italian auxiliary submarine chaser V 62/Vanna with gunfire off Apollonia, Libya.
1942Shalimar (P242)Laid Down
1942Sportsman (P229)Launched
1944Teredo (P338)Laid Down
1948Acheron (P411)Completed
1958Porpoise (N14)Completed
1963Dreadnought (S101)Completed
1973Swiftsure (S126)Completed
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