Fig 6

Text from SERAPH 1944 trials document


1. Main Motors rated. up to give increase of approximately 13% on full power, and Exide extra high capacity battery (5350 amp, hrs, discharge rate) fitted in lieu of the original D.P. Battery.(4750 amp, hrs.).

2. ‘T’ Class propellers fitted.

3. The following were removed:

Forward periscope.
3” and Oerlikon guns and supporting structure.
Radar mast.
Projector binnacle.
Ammunition lockers removed and holes blanked.
All guard wires, stanchions, life lines, etc.
Bulirings and. bollards projecting above fair line of ship
After obstruction wire.
Engine exhaust pipes outboard of fair line of casing.
One anchor removed and hole blanked, other anchor faired.
Forward hydroplane guards and obstruction wires.
D/F frame coil F.M.4 on casing.
Propeller guards.
Stern tube removed and casing reduced in length.
Gun access trunk.
Towing arrangements.

4. The following additional fairings were carried out:

Torpedo apertures blanked.
Openings over torpedo batch and other hatches (excluding the D.S.E.A. hatches) covered in with portable plates.
All gratings on superstructure replaced by plate covers.
Cable troughs covered in by fairing plates.
One-third of the free flood holes to main tanks blanked.

5. The following modifications were made to the bridge:

Existing bridge removed and new bridge, maximum width 4 ft, fitted.
New bridge of cab type closed, right in over top with email hatches only for surface running.
Height of top of cab 12 feet giving 3 feet over conning tower hatch.
Aerial rig modified.

6. After hydroplanes reduced in size, and forward hydroplanes fixed in the ‘out’ position. Larger tilting cylinder to forward planes fitted.



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