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The Submariners Bond

Members share bond that will last a lifetime

By Ken Collins

Many men have served, and are still serving in British submarines. They are all professional men who learn to co-exist within the confines of an enclosed hull.

They learn tolerance and trust. Tolerance of each other's human failings and trust in each other, on whom each one's life depends.

Many relationships were made, some closer than others, but all bonded by the special 'esprit de corps' which is peculiar to the submariner. The comradeship built on such an existence extends to the families and friends of these submariners and it is of such strength, that it will last forever.

As submariners come to the end of their careers in the Royal Navy and leave to seek their fortune in the totally alien world of 'civvy street', they become separated, town from town, country from country, but their friendships remain as close as ever.

It is with extreme pleasure and no little emotion that when such old and close friends meet again, the time lapse since they last met and the distance that has been between them, fade into insignificance.

An association has been formed to promote the retention of that friendship between submariners both serving and retired from service.

That association provides a vehicle to keep track of friends and shipmates no matter how far away they may be and is a catalyst for all friendships to continue and become even stronger.

Formerly the Submarine Old Comrades Association, the newly named Submariners Association is not a collection of venerable veterans of submarine wars but an association of true friendship borne of the submarine service and extended for eternity.

Some may feel the submariner is a strange breed of man with a somewhat warped outlook on life and a weird sense of humour.

The submariners, justifiably, believes he is unique. The capability for man to live in such close proximity to his fellow man naturally extends itself to the families and friends of the submariner.

The wives, girlfriends, parents and siblings are able to look forward to the sometimes ritual demonstrations of friendship.

There are the occasionally sad meetings, to bid goodbye to an old friend as they depart on their last patrol and the memorial parades and meetings held to remember their passing. And there are social gatherings where many old friendships are reinforced and new ones are born.

The Submariners Association is that special forum where true friends can continue the unique esprit de corps of the submarine service through the rest of their lives.



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