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1899 - 1921: Crescent

Built By: Laird (Mersey)
HMS Glory
HMS Glory

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HMS Glory was a Royal Navy battleship of the Canopus class. One of six ships in her class, she was commissioned in 1900.

In September 1919, Glory returned to the United Kingdom. She paid off into care and maintenance on 1 November 1919 at Sheerness. She was renamed HMS Crescent in April 1920 and transferred to Rosyth on 1 May 1920 to serve as a depot ship.

Crescent paid off and was placed on the disposal list on 17 September 1921. She was sold for scrapping on 19 December 1922.

Roll of Honour

Name Rank Number Hons Age
Wallace, Benjamin Gilbert  Stoker     
Spare Crew. Died of influenza and pneumonia in HM Hospital Ship Garth Castle 23/10/1918.


01-05-1920 : Transferred to Rosyth to serve as a depot ship.
17-09-1921 : Paid off and was placed on the disposal list
19-12-1922 : Sold for scrapping

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