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1863 - 1923: Egmont

Built By: Chatham Dockyard (Medway)
Fate: Sold for scrap on 26 January 1923 to the Granton Shipbreaking Co.

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HMS Achilles was an armoured frigate built for the Royal Navy in the 1860s. Achilles was recommissioned in 1901 as a depot ship at Malta. To release her name for the new armoured cruiser, Achilles was renamed Hibernia in 1902. She was renamed Egmont in March 1904, and remained in Malta until 1914.

She was brought home to Chatham that year, and served there as a depot ship under the successive names of Egremont (19 June 1916) and Pembroke (6 June 1919). Achilles had more changes of her rigging and armament than any other British warship, before or since.

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