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1895 - 1918: Hazard

Built By: Pembroke Dockyard
Fate: On 28 January 1918 she collided with the hospital ship SS Western Australia in the English Channel and sank. The wreck sits upside down in two parts and various parts are missing having been salvaged. The wreck's location in a busy shipping channel makes it an unpopular target for divers.
Hazard - 1984
Hazard - 1984

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The sixth HMS Hazard was a Dryad-class torpedo gunboat. She was launched in 1894 and was converted into the world's first submarine depot ship in 1901. The only ship of her class to be so converted. She was commissioned 20 August 1901 with a complement of 94 officers and men, her first captain in the new role was Captain Reginald Bacon, who held the post of "Inspecting Captain of submarine boats".

She was despatched to Barrow-in-Furness to take up her new task. In the summer of 1902 Hazard led a group consisting of HM Submarines No 2 and No 3, and Torpedo Boat N.42 to Portsmouth, where, together with submarines No 1, No 4 and No 5, they formed the First Submarine Flotilla.

In August 1914 Hazard was serving as the depot for the Fourth Submarine Flotilla.

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Submarine A3 was sunk as a result of a collision with HMS Hazard on 2nd Feb 1912 during trials in the Solent. All members of the crew were lost. The Submarine was raised and the bodies of the crew recovered. They were buried, later, in the Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery.


19-08-1902 : Took part in the fleet review held at Spithead for the coronation of King Edward VII.
02-02-1912 : Under the command of Lieutenant Charles J C Little, Hazard collided with the submerged submarine A3. The submarine was in the process of surfacing during exercises when she was struck; the stricken submarine sank with the loss of all 14 personnel on board.

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