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1892 - 1920: Latona

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Fate: Sold at Malta 1920.

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This the third ship to carry the name HMS Latona was a 2nd Class Protected Cruiser.

Built by Vickers of Barrow, laid down 1889, launched 22-May-1890 and completed 1892.

On completion went into reserve at Portsmouth 1892-1902. Used as a Submarine Depot Ship 1902-03, Special duty 1904, then with the Newfoundland Fishery Squadron 1905-06.

Converted to a minelayer at Portsmouth 1906-08, then into reserve 1908-12. Joined the 2nd Fleet Minelaying Squadron 1912-14, then the Dover Minelaying Squadron 1914-15.

Moved to the Mediterranean 1915-18 and finally used as an overflow ship at Malta 1919-20.

Sold at Malta 1920.

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