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1907 - 1951: Lucia (F27)

Built By: Richardsons Westgarth (Hartlepool)
Fate: Sold in 1948 to become the merchant Sinai.
Scrapped in La Spezia, Italy on 5 January 1951

Ex-Greman Prize Spreewald, converted by Clyde Shipbuilding Co. in 1916

She served the Tenth Submarine Flotilla in the Tees from 1916 to 1918.

Between the wars in the East Indies returning in 1939, was transferred to the Red Sea Force in 1940 and became the eastern Sea Fleet Submarine depot Ship in 1942 till 1945.

Sold in 1948 and became the merchant ship Sinai


21-11-1907 : Launched
08-12-1919 : Recommissioned
04-09-1946 : Sold
05-01-1951 : Scrapped in La Spezia, Italy


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