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1928 - 1942: Medway (F25)

Built By: Vickers (Barrow)
Fate: HMS Medway was sunk by 2/3 torpedoes from U372 on 30th June 1942

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Medway was the first large submarine depot ship designed and built for the Royal Navy.

She sailed with six Submarines to replace the Titania and her L Class boats remaining on the China station until April 1940, when she was sent to the Mediterranean based at Alexandria and operating the 1st Submarine flotilla.

On the 30th June 1942 she was torpedoed by U-372 off Alexandria whilst on passage to Haifa and Beirut. 30 of her crew were lost with a 3rd officer mentioned in dispatches. Fortunately 47 of her stock of 90 Torpedoes floated clear but much valuable equipment was lost with her.

The small depot ship Talbot moved from Malta to take her place at Beirut and changed her name to Medway II


19-07-1928 : Launched at Vickers Armstrongs, Barrow
06-07-1929 : Commissioned at Devonport
30-06-1942 : Submarine Depot Ship HMS Medway was torpedoed and sunk off Alexandria by U-372

1 comment

S/M Dave Davis served on HMS Medway in 1942 and survived the sinking on the 30th June. Dave was a member of the Sittingbourne Branch RNA . Dave recentley crossed the bar aged 97yrs of age. Wondered if any other servivor is still around.
   Robert Broderick Fri, 12 Apr 2019

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