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On This Day - July 22

1927Oxley (P55)Completed
1935Sunfish (N81)Laid Down
1940Narwhal (N45)HMS Narwhal left the Humber on 22 July for a minelaying mission off Norway, she fails to return

On the afternoon of 23rd July she should have passed through (German) grid square 4856, where an aircraft reported attacking a submarine. This was believed to be Porpoise by the Germans but as Narwhal did not report again, it was assumed this attack sank her.
1940Clyde (N12)West of Bergen, Norway HMS Clyde fires 6 torpedoes at what is thought to be and enemy submarine. Luckily the torpedoes miss as they we aimed against HMS Truant.
1941Tetrarch (N77)HMS Tetrarch claims to have damaged a sailing vessel with gunfire in the Aegean off Karlovassi.
1943Safari (P211)HMS Safari torpedoes and sinks the Italian minelayer Durazzo east of Corsica, France.
1944Vivid (P77)HMS Vivid torpedoes and sinks the German guardboat GA 71/Pétrel VI north of Suda Bay, Crete, Greece.
1947Ambush (P418)Completed
2003Unseen (S41)HMCS Victoria transits Panama Canal to become first Canadian Pacific Fleet submarine since 1974.

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