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On This Day - January 06

1916E17Whilst patrolling north of Texel Island, HMS E17 struck an uncharted sandbank. Badly damaged the submarine was forced to surface. The Royal Netherlands Navy Cruiser Noord Brabant approached the stricken submarine to investigate. E17 believing the Cruiser was belligerent submerged, but owing to the damage was forced to surface again. E1 signalled the un-identified cruisers for assistance and her crew were taken off and interned. E17 finally sank at 1140 on Thursday 6th January 1916.
1919P554Laid down
1931Thames (N71)Laid Down
1940Tempest (N86)Laid Down
1942Triumph (N18)Lost with all hands

26th December 41, Triumph sailed from Alexandria for a cloak and dagger landing near Athens before patroling in the Aegean, she reports the landing on the 30th Dec but fails to rendezvous back there on the 9th Jan and is presumed mined off the island of Milo, southeast of the greek mainland.

She had earlier struck a mine in December 1940 but miraculously survived. There were no miracles the second time.
1943Stygian (P249)Laid Down
1944Untiring (P59)HMS Untiring torpedoes and sinks the German barge F 296 south of Moneglia, Italy.

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