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On This Day - January 16

1914A7Whilst carrying out practice torpedo attacks against HM Ships Onyx and Pigmy, HMS A7 failed to surface having been seen to submerge by HMS Pigmy at 1110 The cause of her loss is not known and although her wreck was located on the 22nd of January bad weather prevented salvage.
1917G9G9 left the Tees on 9th September 1917. On the 16th she was on patrol off Norway between 60 degrees 30 minutes north and 61 degrees 30 minutes north. It was a very dark night and G9 knew an enemy submarine was in the vicinity. There was heavy rain, with sea state 5 and wind force 4-5.

Whilst on the surface, G9 fired two torpedoes at the destroyer HMS Pasley in mistake for German U-boat and was preparing to launch the stern tube torpedo before she was rammed. One torpedo missed Pasley, the other failed to detonate because of the acute angle of impact. The destroyer rammed the submarine. There was only one survivor.

The CO of Pasley had received no instructions regarding probable presence of British submarines in this area. The subsequent Court of Enquiry attributed no blame to Pasley.
1920A6Sold for breaking to J. H. Lee of Bembridge, IOW.
1920A12Sold for breaking to J.H. Lee Bembridge, IOW.
1934Severn (N52)Launched
1943Unrivalled (P45)HMS Unrivalled sinks the Italian tug Genova with gunfire near Sousa, Tunisia.
1943Unseen (P51)HMS Unseen torpedoes and sinks the italian merchant Zenobia Martini north of Gerba Island, Tunisia.
1944Tudor (P326)Completed
1944Affray (P421)Laid Down
1945Stygian (P249)HMS Stygian sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire south of the Malakka Strait.
2018Audacious (S122)Audacious achieved a significant milestone when she successfully completed her first dive.

Known as a ‘trim and basin dive’, the event took place last week at BAE Systems' Devonshire Dock at Barrow-in-Furness.

The operation saw the high tech submarine submerge fully under water for the first time, enabling the mixed Royal Navy, Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems team on board to test many of the vessel’s systems.

The dive was a crucial milestone as it allowed engineers to calculate the submarine’s precise weight and centre of gravity.

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