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On This Day - January 17

1914V3Laid Down
1940Tribune (N76)HMS Tribune fires 6 torpedoes against an enemy submarine in the Skagerrak about 15 nautical miles east-north-east of Skagen, Denmark.
1940Traveller (N48)Laid Down
1942Umbra (P35)HMS Umbra torpedoes and sinks the Italian salvage vessel Rampino north-north-east of Sousse, Tunisia. Umbra picks up the Rampino's sole survivor.
1943United (P44)HMS United torpedoes and sinks the Italian destroyer Bombardiere about 20 nautical miles north-west of Isola Marettimo, Sicily, Italy.
1945Stygian (P249)HMS Stygian sinks the Japanese Nichinan Maru and a sailing vessel with gunfire off Perak.

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