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On This Day - February 16

1905A5A5 experienced an internal petrol explosion shortly after refuelling from the depot ship HMS Hazard berthed in Queenstown, County Cork. The cause of the explosion was petrol fumes being ignited by a spark from the Main Motor Brushes.

Six of the crew were immediately killed by the explosion or died shortly afterward.
1938Triumph (N18)Launched
1938Unity (N66)Launched
1938Ursula (N59)Launched
1942Thrasher (N37)On February 16th, in daylight, HM Submarine Thrasher attacked and sank a heavily escorted supply ship she was at once attacked by depth-charges and was bombed by aircraft. The presence of two unexploded bombs in the gun-casing was discovered when after dark the submarine surfaced and began to roll. Lieutenant Roberts and Petty Officer Gould volunteered to remove the bombs, which were of a type unknown to them for which they each received the VC.
1942Unrivalled (P45)While operating south of Punta Stilo HMS Unrivalled torpedoes and sinks the Italian sailing vessel Sparviero and the Italian merchant Pasubio.
1942Saracen (P247)Launched
1942Unrivalled (P45)Launched
1945Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the west coast of Siam.
1991Triumph (S93)Launched
1992Vigilant (S30)Laid Down

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