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On This Day - February 2

1903No 1Completed
1912A3Sank off Isle of Wight after collision with HMS Hazard

The Commander-in-Chief regrets to announce that owing to a collision between His Majesty's Ship Hazard and the submarine A3, the latter sank near East Princess Buoy about noon today. It is feared that the submarine was completely flooded, in which case there is very little hope of the officers and crew being saved, though salvage appliances have been sent out.

Whilst on exercise off the Isle of Wight HMS A3 surfaced directly in the path of HMS Hazard. The collision caused a large hole to be torn in the side of the submarine sinking her almost immediately.
19121895 - 1918: HazardUnder the command of Lieutenant Charles J C Little, Hazard collided with the submerged submarine A3. The submarine was in the process of surfacing during exercises when she was struck; the stricken submarine sank with the loss of all 14 personnel on board.
1943Safari (P211)HMS Safari intercepts and Italian convoy off Isola di Capri and torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchants Valsavoia and Salemi.
1943Usurper (P56)Completed
1987Triumph (S93)Laid Down

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