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On This Day - February 24

1910D4Laid Down
1910D6Laid Down
1943Vandal (P64)HMS Vandal was lost.

The shortest living vessel built at Barrow. Left Barrow on 20-02-1943 for trials and passage to Holy Loch where she arrived later that day. She was to operate in Kilbrannan Sound on 22nd, 23rd and 24th in Upper Inchmarnock North and carry out a deep dive. She was expected back at Holy Lock 1900 hours on 24 February but did not arrive. Searches were carried out to locate her but no trace was found.

The last known sighting of her was on the morning of the 24 February 1943 as she left Lochranza at the northern end of the Isle of Arran. The wreck was located in June 1994 but the cause of her loss remains unknown.
1943Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual lays 50 mines off Isola Marettimo, to the west of Sicily, Italy.
1943Tantalus (P318)Launched
1943Trenchant (P331)Launched
1944Upshot (P82)Launched
1944Varne (P66)Launched
1945HMS Terrapin and HMS TrenchantWhile operating together HMS Terrapin and HMS Trenchant sink 4 coasters with gunfire in the Strait of Malacca.
1945Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the west coast of Siam.
1945Trenchant (P331)HMS Trenchant sinks one 100 ton vessel, two 20 ton lighters and 3 junks.
1945Supreme (P252)Launched

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