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On This Day - February 29

1944Uproar (P31)HMS Uproar torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Chietti about 11 nautical miles south of Cap Croisette, southern France.
1944Stygian (P249)Completed
1944Virtue (P75)Completed
1964Onyx (Ojibwa)Launched
2016Artful (S121)HMS Artful test fires first torpedo using new UK-made advanced Combat System

The firing tested the BAE Systems designed Common Combat System (CCS) on board, which functions as the digital brain of the boat controlling its eyes, ears and nervous system. Using the torpedo test, the cutting-edge system was able to interpret sonar readings, and then attack a moving target with a practice weapon.

The CCS, completed ahead of time so it was ready for the third rather than fourth Astute submarine and uses the latest technology to collect and process huge amounts of data from sensors such as sonar, providing key information to help inform important Command decisions.

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