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On This Day - February 5

1902No 1First dive of the Royal Navys first Submarine
1940Seal (N37)HMS Seal departed Rosyth for her 8th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the Southern Norwegian coast and to capture a German iron ore carrier and sent her to Kirkwall. If this was not possible a neutral iron ore carrier was to be seized and sent to Kirkwall. Seal had embarked a boarding party.
1941Sealion (N72)HMS Sealion sinks the (German controlled) Norwegian Ryfylke off Honningsvag, Norway.
1941Upright (N89)HMS Upright makes a torpedo attack on an Italian convoy off Kerkennah and missed the Italian merchant Calino.
1943Turbulent (N98)HMS Turbulent torpedoes and sinks the Italian tanker Utilitas off Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
1944Stonehenge (P232)HMS Stonehenge sinks the Japanese merchant vessel Koryo Maru No.2 north of Penang, Sumatra.

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