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On This Day - March 17

1913C34The Battle Cruiser HMS Invincible and Submarine C34 were involved in s collision. No other details currently available.
1917A10A10 foundered while moored alongside HMS Pactolus, at Eglinton Dock, Ardrossan. She was re-floated and sold two years later.
1942Unbeaten (N93)HMS Unbeaten torpedoed & sank Italian submarine Guglielmotti near Cape Spartivento
1942Upstart (P65)Laid Down
1942Vandal (P64)Laid Down
1943Splendid (P228)HMS Splendid torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Devoli 6 nautical miles bearing 245 of Cape San Vito, Sicily, Italy.
1943Trooper (N91)HMS Trooper torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Forli south of Naples, Italy.
1984Tireless (S88)Launched
2015Torbay (S90)HMS Torbay arrived at Plymouth Sound to begin her transit up the River Hamoze to her berth in HM Naval Base Devonport following a six month deployment.

During her deployment HMS Torbay has travelled 19,653 nautical miles, roughly equivalent of once round the world and spent 2,562 hours dived.

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