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On This Day - March 19

18861878 - 1919: MercuryLaid down at Pembroke Dockyard
1917H29Laid Down
1934X2 (P711)Launched
1937Triumph (N18)Laid Down
1941Truant (N68)HMS Truant attacks the small Italian tanker Labor off Buerat, Libya. All torpedoes missed.
1942Upholder (N99)HMS Upholder sinks the Italian auxiliary minesweeper B.14/Maria with gunfire, about 20 nautical miles south of Brindisi, Italy.
1943Tireless (P327)Launched
1943Token (P328)Launched
1944Unswerving (P63)HMS Unswerving fires four torpedoes against the German merchant Gertrud off Cape Maleas, Greece. All torpedoes missed.
1945Venturer (P68)Torpedoed and sank the German merchant Sirius off Namsos, Norway.
1945Selene (P254)HMS Selene damages a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire north-east of Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies.
1945Thrasher (N37)HMS Thrasher sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the west coast of Siam.

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