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On This Day - March 22

19211921 - 1965: Ausonia (F53)Launched
1924Oberon (S09)Laid Down
1943Tribune (N76)HMS Tribune torpedoes and damages the German tanker President Herrenschmidt about 10 nautical miles north-west of Cape Suvero.
1943Unbroken (P42)HMS Unbroken torpedoes and sinks the Italian auxiliary minesweeper No. 17/Milano off Cape San Vito, Sicily, Italy.
1943Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual lays 50 mines off Trapani, Sicily, Italy.
1944Syrtis (P241)HMS Syrtis sank Norwegian SS Narvik near Sleipnesodden, Helgeland with gunfire
1944Stonehenge (P232)HMS Stonehenge sailed from Trincomalee, Ceylon and arrived in patrol area between northern Sumatra and the Nicobar Islands on 25 February 1944. She was reported overdue on 22 March 1944. The cause of loss is unknown. Lost with all hands
1945Selene (P254)HMS Selene sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire north-east of Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies.
1983Trenchant (S91)Ordered from Vickers, Barrow

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