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On This Day - March 26

194H41Laid Down
194P39HMS P39 was sitting alongside a jetty in Malta harbour, when german aircraft launched a concerted attack. P39 was seriously damaged and while she did not sink, due to the efforts of the crew, it was decided that she was to badly damaged to be worth repairing. She was towed to Kalkara and beached.

Many of the crew were later lost on Olympus on the way home
194Sirdar (P226)Launched
194Unswerving (P63)HMS Unswerving fires four torpedoes against the German merchant Gertrud off Souda Bay, Crete, Greece. All torpedoes missed.
194Uproar (P31)HMS Uproar damages the German tanker Matera with gunfire inside the harbour of Oneglia, Liguria, Italy.
194Sidon (P259)Sidon secured alongside SS AL RAWDAH in Holy Loch
199Sealion (N72)Towed by tug Mr Cornishman to Blyth
201Torbay (S90)HMS Torbay emerged from refit at Plymouth.

The Trafalgar Class submarine had been in a revalidated assisted maintenance period (RAMP) which has seen it upgraded and the nuclear power plant given a new lease of life.

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