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On This Day - March 7

1914W3Laid Down
1916E5At 08.10 on the morning the German battle cruiser Seydlitz sighted a submarine north of Juist Island. The cruiser and her accompanying torpedo boats dropped depth charges but to no avail. A few hours later another German cruiser, the Regensburg sighted a submarine to the east, not far from a German minefield of the Western Ems. E5 failed to return from her patrol and it is believed that this was the submarine seen by the Regensburg near the minefield.
1916E24E24 became the first British Mine laying Sub to begin operational mine laying in the mouth of the River Elbe.
1941Porpoise (N14)While enroute to Halifax, Canada, HMS Porpoise makes an unsuccessful torpedo attack on a submarine in the North Atlantic.
1941Splendid (P228)Laid Down
1944Sceptre (P215)HMS Sceptre torpedoes and heavily damages the German merchant Lippe off the Foldafjord, Norway. The Lippe is beached but breaks up the following day.
1970Courageous (S50)Launched by Mrs Morris, wife of John Morris, Labour MP for Aberravon and Minister for Defence (Equipment) Contractors

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