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On This Day - March 8

1915J4Laid Down
1935Salmon (N65)Completed
1940Tarpon (N17)Completed
1942Uredd (P41)Uredd is declared ready for combat, and joins the 9th Submarine flotilla in Dundee.
1943Sidon (P259)Sidon departed Lerwick to commence her working up patrol. This took place on the west coast of Norway on a known U-boat track. She had difficulty off the coast of Norway obtaining a land fix for the first 3 days. Sidon needed to take land fixes for navigational purposes. Heavy snow and rain storms had obscured all land marks. After 3 days however, the weather cleared and all landmarks could be seen clearly. No further navigational problems were encountered. No ships or U-boat patrols were sighted during this patrol. The only sighting of any enemy unit was a Luftwaffe JU-88 flying 2 miles away at a height of 200 feet. It commenced no attack against Sidon and presumably it had not sighted her. The heavy weather made the seas rough and Sidon was unable to maintain periscope depth. Visibility at times was reduced to zero by the snowstorms.
1943Universal (P57)Completed
1944Sea Rover (P218)HMS Sea Rover torpedoes and sinks the Japanese transport Shobu Maru in the Strait of Malacca.
1944Achates (P433)Laid Down
1945Scythian (P237)HMS Scythian sinks three Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire of the Mergui Archipel, Burma.
1985Torbay (S90)Launched

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