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On This Day - April 15

1797MutinyRoyal Navy crews mutiny at Spithead, near Portsmouth, over poor pay and conditions
1917G7G7 was patrolling between Lerwick and Bergen when she sighted the German submarine U-30. G7 fired a torpedo at U-30 and after an exchange of gunfire, the German submarine dived away. Although U-30 escaped unscathed, G7 had interrupted U30's attempts to sink two Norwegian merchant ships.
1930Perseus (N36)Completed
1940Sterlet (N22)HMS Sterlet torpedoes and sinks the German gunnery training ship Brummer in the Skagerrak south of Larvik, Norway
1940Snapper (N39)Still operating in the Skaggerak HMS Snapper torpedoed and sinks the German auxiliary minesweepers M 1701/H.M. Behrens and M 1702/Carsten Janssen north-east of Skagen, Denmark.
1942Stratagem (P234)Laid Down
1943Taurus (P339)HMS Taurus sinks the Italian sailing vessel Luigi with gunfire 52 nautical miles south-west of Civitavecchia.
1943Sceptre (P215)Completed
1943Scotsman (P243)Laid Down
1944X24The Royal Navy midget submarine X-24 carried out a successful attack on a floating dock at Bergen, Norway.

This was the second attack on the harbor by X-24, she had survived a previous operation on 14 April 1944, when she had sunk a large merchantman and put the coaling wharf out of use for the rest of the war.

Once again towed to the area by the HMS Sceptre, Lt. H. P. Westmacott then skippered the four-man craft as it slipped through 30 miles of islands offshore and a minefield and into a fjord to sail at periscope depth to the harbor. After diving to 35 feet to avoid collision with a merchant ship, Westmacott attached delayed-action charges to the target and escaped. X-24 laid two mines under the dock, which broke it in two and damaged two ships moored alongside
1944Venturer (P68)Torpedoed and sank the German merchant Friedrichshafen south-south-east of Egersund, Norway
1944Storm (P233)HMS Storm torpedoes and sinks the Japanese minesweeper W 7 off the Andaman Islands.
1945Statesman (P246)HMS Statesman sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in the Strait of Malacca.
1969Swiftsure (S126)Laid Down
1988Talent (S92)Launched

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