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On This Day - April 27

1911E3Laid Down
1915E14In spite of great navigational difficulties succeeded in sinking two Turkish gunboats and one large military transport for which a VC was awarded.
1942Urge (N17)On 27th April 1942 HMS Urge left Malta on passage to Alexandria, where she was due to arrive on the 6th. The submarine failed to arrive. It is possible that Urge struck a mine outside Malta or that she was sunk by the Italian torpedo boat Pegaso in the eastern Mediterranean.
1943Urtica (P83)Laid Down
1944Untiring (P59)HMS Untiring (Lt. Boyd) sinks the German UJ 6075/Clairvoyant
1945Teredo (P338)Launched
2017Audacious (S122)HMS Audacious emerges from the Devonshire Dock Hall for the first time.

Will Blamey, BAE Systems Submarines Managing Director, said: "Today's launch marks an important milestone in the Astute programme. Audacious enters the water in a more advanced state of build than any previous Astute class submarine, which puts us in a good position for the next phase of work - the testing and commissioning of her complex systems.

Designing and building a nuclear-powered submarine is extremely challenging and today's launch is yet another reminder of the unique skills required to deliver such complex programmes. It is a proud day and we now look forward to working alongside Audacious' crew to prepare her for sea trials, before she joins her sister submarines in service with the Royal Navy."

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