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On This Day - April 5

1917C7C7 torpedoed and sank UC-68 off Schowen, Holland.
1942Una (N87)HMS Una torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Ninetto G. about 12 nautical miles south of Capo dell'Armi.
1943Thor (P349)Laid Down
1943Viking (P69)Launched
1944Ultimatum (P34)HMS Ultimatum sinks a German sailing vessel with gunfire off Suda Bay, Crete, Greece.
1944Saga (P257)Laid Down
1945Statesman (P246)HMS Statesman sinks seven small Japanese landing craft with gunfire and demolition charges in the Strait of Malacca.
1946Teredo (P338)Completed
1982Falklands WarThe first ships of the Royal Navy task force sailed for the South Atlantic, only three days after the Argentine invasion of the Falklands

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