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On This Day - April 9

1915G13Laid Down
1940Sunfish (N81)HMS Sunfish torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Amasis in the Kattegat.
1940Thistle (N24)HMS Thistle missed the German submarine U-4 with a spread of four torpedoes southwest off Stavanger, Norway
1940Truant (N68)HMS Truant torpedoes and damages the German light cruiser Karlsruhe off Kristiansand, Norway.
1942Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel R 113/Avanguardista with gunfire off Patras, Greece.
1942Thrasher (N37)HMS Thrasher torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Gala about 20 nautical miles west-south-west of Bengasi, Libya.
1942Unruffled (P46)Completed
1943Safari (P211)HMS Safari sinks the Italian auxiliary minesweeper No. 295/Bella Italia with gunfire off Cape Carbonara, Sardinia, Italy.
1943Trident (N52)HMS Trident fires two torpedoes against an Italian submarine off Corsica. Both torpedoes missed their target,
1943Stoic (P231)Launched
1943Tiara (351)Laid Down

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