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On This Day - May 02

1939Triumph (N18)Completed
1940Trident (N52)HMS Trident attacks and damages the German merchant Clare Hugo Stinnes with torpedoes and gunfire off the Bjarn fjord, Norway
1943Uredd (P41)Uredd embarks on what is to be her last patrol
1943Safari (P211)HMS Safari sinks the Italian Sogliola with gunfire off Asinara Island, Italy.
1943Untamed (P58)Completed
1943Vox (P67)Completed and transferred to the Free French Navy
1944Ultimatum (P34)HMS Ultimatum shells the harour of Kalamata, Greece. Two sailing vessels were sunk, five were destroyed on the slips and one was damaged.
1945P551While travelling in an Allied convoy near Norway, Jastrzab strayed some 100 miles off her proper course and was sunk by friendly fire by the destroyer HMS St. Albans (ex-USS Thomas) and the minesweeper HMS Seagull.
1946Affray (P421)Completed
1973Swiftsure (S126)Left Barrow Shipyard
1976Warspite (S103)Warspite suffered a serious fire whilst in Liverpool caused by a broken coupling spraying oil. Repairs and refitting took two years.
1982Conqueror (S48)HMS Conqueror became the only nuclear powered submarine to have engaged an enemy ship with torpedoes, sinking the cruiser General Belgrano during the Falklands War.

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