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On This Day - May 08

1905A8At 10:30 in the morning an explosion ripped through HMS A8 whilst she was on exercise in Plymouth Sound. A nearby Trawler, the Chanticleer witnessed the explosion and lowered her boats as the submarine began to founder to offer assistance.

Shortly after the submarine sank further explosions were witnessed and wreckage drifted to the surface. HMS A8 was salvaged on the 12th and inspections indicated that the explosions were more than likely caused by a chemical reaction within the battery.
1940Taku (N38)HMS Taku attacks a German convoy with ten torpedoes and torpedoes and damages the German torpedo boat Mwe east of Denmark. After the attack Taku was depth charged for 10 hours.
1941Sickle (P224)Laid Down
1942Olympus (N35)Olympus was mined six miles from St Elmos Light. There were twelve survivors.
1943Safari (P211)HMS Safari torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Peppino Palomba and torpedoes and damages the Italian merchant Liv off Porto Torres, Sardinia, Italy.
1944Sickle (P224)HMS Sickle sinks three sailing vessels, with gunfire scuttling charges and ramming, in the Doro Channel (between Euboea Island and Andros Island).
1944Springer (P264)Laid Down
1944Vineyard (P84)Launched
1945Sibyl (P217)Between 8 May 1945 and 31 May 1945 HMS Sibyl sinks five Japanese sailing vessels with gunfire and scuttling charges in the Malacca Strait.
1960Turbulent (S87)Laid Down
1963Repulse (S23)Ordered from Vickers, Barrow
1963Resolution (S22)Ordered from Vickers, barrow
1963Tabard (P342)HMS Tabard was involved in a collision with HMAS Queenborough

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