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On This Day - May 13

1940HMS SalopianAMC HMS Salopian was sunk by U-98, which was damaged by the explosion
1940Clyde (N12)HMS Clyde attacks the German armed merchant cruiser Widder with gunfire off Stadlandet, Norway but was out gunned and Clyde had to break of the attack.
1940O23 (Dutch)Commissioned and departed the Lekhaven in Rotterdam bound for the U.K
1940O24 (Dutch)Commissioned and departed the Lekhaven in Rotterdam bound for the U.K
1942Sahib (P212)Completed
1943Shakespeare (P221)HMS Shakespeare sinks the Italian sailing vessels Sant' Anna M. and Adelina with gunfire off the north-east coast of Sardinia.
1944Thule (P325)Completed
1945Trump (P333)HMS Trump sinks the Japanese guardboat Shosei Maru No.15 with gunfire off the Sapudi Strait.
1945Sanguine (P266)Completed
1986Talent (S92)Laid Down
2003Tireless (S88)While on exercise in the Arctic and travelling at a depth of 60 metres, Tireless collided with an iceberg. There was no prior warning of the impending collision from passive sonar or other onboard sensors. The submarine's bow was forced down nine degrees and the vessel subsequently broke free of the iceberg at a depth of 78 metres. Some damage was sustained to the upper section of the boat. Before the incident, the Royal Navy had not conducted under-ice operations since 1996.

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