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On This Day - June 01

1908C19Laid Down
1908C20Laid Down
1912E9Laid Down
1916E18A persicope was clearly sighted 25 miles NW of Steinort by the German U-boat UB-30, all allied submarines were safely back in base, the Germans rightly believed this was E18. The sighting was at 1500 hrs German kept time and E18 was due to report in to Dagerot on the 2nd of June. Recently laid mines along the submarine's course home the likely cause for E18's loss.
1916K16Laid Down
1916K17Laid Down
1918K26Laid Down
19381903 - 1946: Ambrose (F08)Renamed HMS Cochrane
1939Thetis (N25)Sailing, prior to handover, in Liverpool Bay on the morning of 1st June, 1939, Thetis had on board her 53-man crew and 50 passengers (Shipyard and Admiralty men concerned with the trials). Thetis nose-dived to the seabed 160 feet below, With her stern protruding from the waves. Thetis remained undiscovered for a whole day and, although four men managed to escape, she became a tomb for the 99 men on board.
1940Dunkirk64,429 men are evacuated from Dunkirk, in spite of increasing Luftwaffe attacks. 4 British and 1 French destroyers - HMS Keith, HMS Basilisk and HMS Havant and the French 'Le Foudroyant' - are lost and 5 more damaged.
1941Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay sinks Greek sailing vessel with gunfire in the Doro Channel, Greece.
1941Clyde (N12)HMS Clyde torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant San Marco about 5 nautical miles east of Cape Carbonara, Sardinia, Italy.
1943Stonehenge (P232)Completed
1945Tiptoe (P332)HMS Tiptoe torpedoes and sinks the Japanese merchant cargo ship Tobi Maru in the Java Sea off Matasiri Island.
1953Sidon (P259)Attended the Coronation Naval Review at Spithead.

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