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On This Day - June 09

1909C26A serious accident occurred on Submarine C26 in the North Sea, north of Berwick on Wednesday morning and three of the crew are in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary suffering from injuries. C26 was one of the fleet of submarines bound for Dundee accompanied by the parent ship HMS Vulcan.

After Berwick had been passed, an explosion of petrol, it is stated occurred on the boat named and three sailors who were in the immediate vicinity were seriously burned and otherwise injured. Signals indicating that an accident had occurred were made and HMS Hazard, which was steaming with the submarines, was ordered to attend.

A tender was sent to the submarine and the injured men were put onboard and transferred to the Hazard, which left the flotilla and set her course for Granton.

There the injured men were landed and conveyed with all haste to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Meanwhile the submarines including C26 continued their journey to Dundee where they arrived on Wednesday night. An inquiry was held at Dundee on Thursday as the cause of the accident the injured men are

John Hird 29 HMS Vulcan, burns on face and hands Leonard Bury 30, HMS Vulcan, burns Patrick Lyon HMS Vulcan, burns and fractured leg.

The latest enquiry regarding the accident shows that the accident occurred in a cylinder in the Engine Room, the result of which caused such damage that the craft had to be taken in tow for the rest of the voyage. It is supposed that the mishap was due to the machinery having been run for too long a period, it having been continually in motion since the craft left Portsmouth on Monday.
1911E5Laid Down
1931Poseidon (N99)Sunk in collision

On 9th June 1931 HMS Poseidon was exercising 20 miles north of her home base of Wei Hai Wei when the steamer Yuta was spotted some distance away. Despite excellent visibility the two vessels collided and the submarine sank within two minutes.
1941Urge (N17)An unsuccessful attack was made on the 3,950 ton German Tanker INGO in position 35`38'N 12`11'E.
1943Untiring (P59)Completed
1944Sickle (P224)HMS Sickle attacks the German transport Lola to the west of Lemnos, Greece.
1944Untiring (P59)HMS Untiring fires four torpedoes at the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 6073/Nimeth Allah off Toulon, southern France.
1944Vivid (P77)HMS Vivid torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Tanais off Crete.
1990Upholder (S40)Completed

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