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On This Day - June 13

18891889 - 1955: VulcanLaunched
1938Tuna (N94)Laid Down
1940Grampus (N56)HMS Grampus laid a minefield off Augusta, Sicily. She had left Malta on the 10th
1940Grampus (N56)HMS Grampus attacks the Italian submarine Giovanni Bausan and the Italian torpedo boat Polluce with torpedoes. The attack however fails. Grampus also laid a minefield (50 mines) off Augusta, Sicily, Italy.
1942Unison (P43)HMS Unison fires four torpedoes at the Italian light cruisers Raimondo Montecuccoli and Emanuelle Filiberto Duca d'Aosta south of Sardinia, Italy. The torpedoes miss.
1943Ultor (P53)Submarine Ultor bombards the D/F station, Lipari Islands
1944Stoic (P231)HMS Stoic claims to have sunk a landing craft with gunfire off Penang.

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