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On This Day - June 15

18921882 - 1919: HebeLaunched
1933Salmon (N65)Laid Down
1936O20 (Dutch)Laid down
1940Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual makes an unsuccesful torpedo attack on an Italian submarine in the Strait of Otranto.
1941Thunderbolt (N25)HMS Thunderbolt fires torpedoes at the German submarine U-557 in the North Atlantic. The torpedoes miss.
1942Umbra (P35)HMS Umbra fires torpedoes at the Italian battleship Littorio but the torpedoes miss the target. Later HMS Umbra torpedoes and sinks the Italian heavy cruiser Trento.
1943Ultor (P53)HMS Ultor sinks the Italian auxiliary minesweeper Tullio/No.92
1944Satyr (P214)HMS Satyr sank the German submarine U-987 in the North Sea west of Narvik.
1945Taciturn (P334)HMS Taciturn sinks a Japanese air warning picket hulk and the Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 105 with gunfire in the Madoera Strait to the north of Surabaya, Java, Netherlands East Indies.
1954Porpoise (N14)Laid Down

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