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On This Day - June 25

1921K15K15 was moored alongside the light cruiser HMS Canterbury, in the tidal basin at Portsmouth. Most of the crew were on leave when a watch keeper discovered that the submarine was sinking, with the stern already awash. The watch were quickly roused and scrambled aboard the Canterbury. The submarine slowly submerged amid streams of bubbles. The accident was caused by hydraulic oil expanding in the hot weather and contracting as the temperature dropped causing a loss of hydraulic pressure and causing vents to open.
1940Snapper (N39)HMS Snapper torpedoes and sinks the German armed trawler V 1107/Portland south of Stavanger, Norway.
1940O13 (Dutch)Presumed lost. Since there are no German records about O13 having been sunk it is assumed that the submarine ran into a mine, a distinct possibility since O13 was patrolling in an area known to have been mined.
1941Parthian (N75)HMS Parthian torpedoes Vichy French submarine Souffleur
1943O23 (Dutch)O23 carries out Special Operation Gustavus II. A rendezvous, south of the Sembilan Islands, was made with a junk to transfer 2 British army officers and 3 Chinese. Some of the crew of the junk were taken on board O23 for return passage to Colombo
1944Truculent (P315)HMS Truculent sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in the Malacca Strait.
1945Selene (P254)HMS Selene sinks two Japanese coasters and a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire in the Gulf of Siam.
1945Alderney (P416)Launched
1946Tabard (P342)Completed

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