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On This Day - July 02

1871877 - 1889: CormorantCommissioned
1911916 - 1957: PlatypusL/Sea Gilbert Abbs died contracting pneumonia.
192Perseus (N36)Laid Down
193Sunfish (N81)Completed
194Torbay (N79)HMS Torbay torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Citta di Tripoli in the Zea Channel, Greece.
194Urge (N17)HMS Urge fires four torpedoes at the 6,696 ton BRARENA, which resulted in one hit and the ship sinking
194Unseen (P51)Completed
194Stubborn (P238)While on patrol in the Bay of Biscay HMS Stubborn fires torpedoes at a group of 3 German submarines (U-180, U-518, U-530) escorted by two destroyers. The torpedoes however missed their targets.
194Trident (N52)HMS Trident sinks three sailing vessels with gunfire off Rhodos, Greece.
194Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual lays 29 mines off the Gulf of Kassandra, Greece.
194Spiteful (227)HMS Spiteful sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire north-east of Sumatra.
194Selene (P254)HMS Selene sinks a Japanese coaster with gunfire in the Gulf of Siam.
194Aurochs (P426)Aurochs was involved in a collision.

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