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On This Day - July 14

1909C11Sank in English Channel after collision with SS Eddystone
1936Sterlet (N22)Laid Down
1941Osiris (N67)HMS Osiris damages the Italian merchant Capo d'Orso with torpedo and gunfire off Argostolion, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
1941Simoom (P225)Laid Down
1943Unshaken (P54)HMS Unshaken sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel No 265/Cesena with gunfire off the southern coast of Calabria, Italy.
1944Universal (P57)HMS Universal damages the Spanish sailing vessel Sevellina off Port Vendres, southern France.
1944Vivid (P77)HMS Vivid torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Suzanne off the Gulf of Korinth.
1944Selene (P254)Completed
1944P553Returned to USN
1945Supreme (P252)HMS Supreme sinks a Japanese tug and a barge with gunfire in the Gulf of Siam.
2017Torbay (S90)Following her final deployment, HMS Torbay was decommissioned at a ceremony at Devonport Naval Base. Torbay was scheduled to be decommissioned in 2015, due to extended maintenance she stayed in service until today

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