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On This Day - July 29

1588Spanish ArmadaEnglish fleet defeats the Spanish Armada
1913E17Laid Down
1940Sealion (N72)HMS Sealion attacks the German submarine U-62 with torpedoes (that miss) and then with gunfire south-west of Stavanger, Norway.
1940Porpoise (N14)HMS Porpoise lays minefield FD 23 (50 mines) off southern Norway.
1941Olympus (N35)HMS Olympus is damaged by a near miss from an Italian aircraft east of Isola dei Cavoli, Italy.
1941Ultimatum (P34)Completed
1942Tactician (P314)Launched
1943Trooper (N91)Italian submarine Pietro Micca was torpedoed and sunk at the entrance to Adriatic, in the Strait of Otranto by the British HMS Trooper
1944Virtue (P75)HMS Virtue attacks a German sailing vessel with torpedoes and gunfire 13 nautical miles south-south-west of Milos but the vessel escapes.
1945Sea Dog (P216)HMS Seadog sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with demolition charges in the Strait of Malacca.
1945Tudor (P326)HMS Tudor sinks a Japanese coaster with gunfire in the Java Sea.
1957Upstart (P65)Used as a target and sunk

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