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On This Day - July 30

1932Porpoise (N14)Launched
1941Cachalot (N83)Scuttled off Benghazi

On 9th July 1941 Cachalot departed from Alexandria loaded with stores bound for Malta and arrived on the 16th. She left again on the 26th with personnel bound for Alexandria and instructions to look out for an escorted tanker heading for Benghazi. At 2 o'clock on the morning of 30th July a destroyer was spotted heading towards Cachalot, forcing the submarine to dive. On returning to the surface the submarine was spotted and attacked by the Italian destroyer which steamed in firing it's guns. Cachalot's diving drill was sorely hampered when the upper hatch jammed, thereby preventing a crash dive, and the Italian destroyer rammed into her, although not at great speed as the Italian Captain had realised that the order to abandon the submarine had already been given. As the crew went into the water the main vents were opened and Cachalot sank in very deep water. All the crew, apart from a Maltese steward, were picked up by the destroyer and transported to Benghazi from where they were taken to a POW camp near Naples, until repatriation in 1943.
1941Trusty (N45)Completed
1941Unseen (P51)Laid Down
1942USS IndianapolisThe USS Indianapolis is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in shark infested waters. Out of a crew of 1,196 only 316 survived. The Captain (Charles Butler McVay III) was court-martialed and convicted for failing to evade the sub which sank his ship. Since then however, the Navy has exonerated him.
1942Traveller (N48)The conning tower of an Italian submarine was sighted at a range of 10,000 yards but HMS Traveller could not close the range. This was most probably the Italian submarine Topazio on passage from Fiume to Naples.
1943Vengeful (P86)Laid Down
1944Virtue (P75)HMS Virtue fires a torpedo against the small German merchant Dresden of Ananes Island, Greece. The torpedo misses.
1944Varne (P66)Completed
1951Admiral Sir Max HortonAdmiral Sir Max Horton dies. First sub commander to sink an enemy warship.
2000HMCS OnondagaHMCS Onondaga paid off at Halifax

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