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On This Day - July 8

1915E11E11 torpedoed the antiquated Turkish battleship Hirredin Barbarosa off Bulair at the northern entrance to the Dardanelles.
1940Sealion (N72)HMS Sealion fires a torpedo at the beached wreck of the German merchant Palime off Obrestadt. The Palime was beached after hitting a mine on 5 June 1940 that was laid by HMS Narwhal.
1941Sealion (N72)HMS Sealion sinks the French fishing vessel Christus Regnat with gunfire off Ushant.
1941Torbay (N79)Around 1130 hours HMS Torbay sinks the German sailing vessels L XIV and L I with gunfire and scuttling charges east of Kythera, Greece.
1943Trident (N52)HMS Trident damages the German patrol vessel GA 41/Tassia Christa with gunfire some 20 miles north of the Doro channel.
1943Taurus (P339)HMS Taurus sinks two Greek sailing vessels through ramming. Taurus also torpedoes and damages the Greek merchant Konstantinos Louloudis off Skyros, Greece.
1943Ultor (P53)HMS Ultor torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Valfionita off Rasocomolo, Sicily, Italy.
1944Porpoise (N14)HMS Porpoise lays 16 more mines of the mouth of the Deli river and 10 mines in the Strait of Malacca.
1944Trump (P333)Completed
1945Aurochs (P426)Launched

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