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On This Day - August 02

1903No 4Completed
1918E40E40 narrowly avoided disaster after confronting a German U-Boat
1940Thames (N71)HMS Thames was on her first war patrol when she went missing. She had sailed from Dundee on 22nd July to patrol in the North Sea. On the 22nd July Thames successfully attacked the German torpedo boat Luchs just west of the Skagerrak. The Luchs was acting as part of a screen for the battle cruiser Gneisenau, which is believed to been her original target, and that the Luchs had manoeuvred between the submarine and the battle cruiser just as the former fired her torpedoes. The shortened range and the ensuing explosions may have been the cause of the loss of the Thames although the favoured opinion is that the submarine struck a mine on the night of 2nd/3rd August.
1945HMS Seadog and HMS Shalimar While operating together HMS Seadog and HMS Shalimar sink a Japanese tug and a barge with gunfire in the southern part of the Strait of Malacca.
1945Thorough (P324)HMS Thorough sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire off Bali.
1945Springer (P264)Completed

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