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On This Day - August 19

19021895 - 1918: HazardTook part in the fleet review held at Spithead for the coronation of King Edward VII.
19131891 - 1921: Royal ArthurRecommissioned at Sheerness
1915E13Just after 2300 on 17th August 1915 a faulty compass forced HMS E13 aground on a mud bank in Danish Territorial waters. All attempts to re-float the submarine failed and by the dawn of the 19th both German and Danish vessels were in the area.

Under International Law a belligerent warship is allowed sanctuary in neutral waters for up to 24 hours. At 0500 on the 19th E13 was informed by the Danish ship Narvalen that she had 24 hours within which to re-float. With previous attempts having failed E13 attempted to gain a tow from the Danish vessels in the area.

At 0928 two German destroyers were seen to be closing at high speed and flying the signal "Abandon Ship Immediately" The destroyers opened fire with torpedoes and machine guns. The crew of E13 who were resting on the casing were caught unawares and immediately abandoned the submarine and headed for the Danish ships and Internment.
1940Cachalot (N83)HMS Cachalot lays minefield FD 24 (50 mines) west of the Gironde estuary.
1940Urge (N17)Launched
1941Trident (N52)HMS Trident damages the German merchant Levante east of Havoysund, Norway.
1941Unbeaten (N93)HMS Unbeaten fires three torpedoes against the Italian troop transport Esperia 15 nautical miles north of Pantelleria but miss the target.
1941Usurper (P56)Laid Down
1942Turbulent (N98)HMS Turbulent torpedoes and damages the Italian tanker Pozarica off Antikythera, Greece.
1942Porpoise (N14)HMS Porpoise attacks the Italian merchant Iseo off Derna, Libya. All torpedoes miss. During the counter attack by the Italian escorts, Porpoise was damaged by depth charges from the torpedo boat Lince.
1943Venturer (P68)Completed
1943O24 (Dutch)Attacked the German supply ship Quito with four torpedoes west of the Sembilan Islands. No hits were obtained as Quito was able to evade the torpedoes.
1944Virtue (P75)HMS Virtue sinks a sailing vessel with gunfire south of Milos Island, Greece.
1944Vortex (P87)Launched
1960Finwhale (S05)Completed

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