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On This Day - August 28

1914K17The fearless led the 1st Destroyer Flotilla of the Harwich force, and fought at the Heligoland Bight action on August 28,1914
1916L5Laid Down
1936Triton (N15)Laid Down
1938Oxley (P55)HMS Oxley arrived at Dundee.
1941Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchant Cilicia about 40 nautical miles south-south-west of Schiza Island.
1941Uredd (P41)Launched
1943Sickle (P224)HMS Sickle torpedoes and sinks the German escort vessel SG-10/Felix Henri east of Corsica, France.
1943Ultor (P53)HMS Ultor sinks the Italian torpedo boat Lince off Punta Alice, Italy.
1996Repulse (S23)Decommissioned

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