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On This Day - August 3

1942Saracen (P247)On her first patrol, HMS Saracen torpedoed and sank U-335 NE of the Faeroes. One survivor from crew of 44
1942Thorn (N11)HMS Thorn torpedoes and sinks the Italian transport ship Monviso 8 nautical miles from Sidi Sueicher, Libya.
1942Traveller (N48)HMS Traveller attacked the German merchant Pluto with two torpedoes off Mulo Island. No hits were obtained. The coastal battery at Scoglio Mulo fired three shells at the submarine.
1943Unruffled (P46)HMS Unruffled sinks Italian merchantman Citta di Catania
1944Vox (P67)HMS Vox fires two torpedoes at an enemy auxiliary patrol vessel south of Santorini Island, Greece. Both torpedoes miss.
1945Shalimar (P242)HMS Shalimar sinks a Japanese tug and a barge with gunfire in the southern part of the Strait of Malacca.
1945Tiptoe (P332)HMS Tiptoe torpedoes and sinks the Japanese salvage vessel Tencho Maru off the Sunda Strait.
1945Sidon (P259)Sidon arrived at Subic Bay in the Philippines after completing her patrol. Sidon completed her time in the Far East by being present in Hong Kong harbour when it was reoccupied by the British after the Japanese surrender.
1958USS NautilusUSS Nautilus is first ship to reach the geographic North Pole submerged.

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