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On This Day - August 7

1914HMCS ShearwaterDepot ship HMCS Shearwater (ex HMS Shearwater) commissioned at Esquimalt BC as submarine tender
1941Severn (N52)HMS Severn fires torpedoes at an enemy submarine. All torpedoes miss.
1942Traveller (N48)HMS Traveller attacked an Italian submarine in the Otranto Strait. Three torpedoes were fired but no hits were obtained.
1943Rorqual (N74)HMS Rorqual torpedoes and sinks the French merchant (in German service) Nantaise in the Aegean Sea.
1944Stratagem (P234)HMS Stratagem fires torpedoes against the German submarine U-181 in the Strait of Malacca near Penang. However all torpedoes missed their target.
1944Unswerving (P63)HMS Unswerving damages a sailing vessel with gunfire in the Aegean Sea.
1945Shalimar (P242)HMS Shalimar sinks a Japanese coaster with gunfire in the southern part of the Strait of Malacca.

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