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On This Day - September 06

1939Seahorse (S98)HMS Seahorse ended her 1st war patrol at Dundee but moved to Rosyth later the same day.
1940Tribune (N76)HMS Tribune attacks German submarine U-56 about 15 nautical miles north-east of St. Kilda, Hebrides. Two torpedoes were fired but missed.
1941O24 (Dutch)Sank the Italian auxiliary patrol vessel V 63 / Carla with gunfire in the Gulf of Genoa about 30 nautical miles from Gorgona Island, Italy. O24 had first fired two torpedoes that both missed.
1943P512HMS P512 was handed back to the United States Navy.
1943Sportsman (P229)HMS Sportsman sinks the Italian fishing vessels Angiolina P and Maria Luisa B with gunfire in the port of Al'ria, Corsica, France.
1943Universal (P57)HMS Universal sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessels V 130/Ugo and V 134/Tre Sorelle with gunfire west of La Spezia, Italy.
1944Stygian (P249)HMS Stygian sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire of the west coast of Burma.
1944Tabard (P342)Laid Down
1945Seneschal (P255)Completed

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