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On This Day - September 06

1939Seahorse (S98)HMS Seahorse ended her 1st war patrol at Dundee but moved to Rosyth later the same day.
1940Tribune (N76)HMS Tribune attacks German submarine U-56 about 15 nautical miles north-east of St. Kilda, Hebrides. Two torpedoes were fired but missed.
1943P512HMS P512 was handed back to the United States Navy.
1943Sportsman (P229)HMS Sportsman sinks the Italian fishing vessels Angiolina P and Maria Luisa B with gunfire in the port of Al'ria, Corsica, France.
1943Universal (P57)HMS Universal sinks the Italian auxiliary patrol vessels V 130/Ugo and V 134/Tre Sorelle with gunfire west of La Spezia, Italy.
1944Stygian (P249)HMS Stygian sinks a Japanese sailing vessel with gunfire of the west coast of Burma.
1944Tabard (P342)Laid Down
1945Seneschal (P255)Completed

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