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On This Day - September 13

1914E9The first offensive success by a British submarine was scored by E9, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Max Horton, who had 'stood by' his boat during her construction at Barrow

On 13th September, 1914, Horton sighted the German cruiser Hela near Heligoland, closed to 600 yards and fired two torpedoes, one of which struck amidships. Hela sank and E9 was hunted for the remainder of the day but successfully escaped

During her next patrol in the Bight, E9 sank the destroyer S116.
1939Undine (N48)HMS Undine ended her 1st war patrol at Blyth.

U-class boats commonly suffered from engine defects upon returning from patrol. Undine was out of action for about four weeks.
1940Porpoise (N14)HMS Porpoise lays minefield FD 26 (48 mines) in the Bay of Biscay north-west of La Rochelle, France.
1941Tigris (N63)HMS Tigris torpedoes and sinks the German merchant Richard off the Rolvsoy Fjord about 11 nautical miles north-east of Hammerfest, Norway.
1944Venturer (P68)HMS Venturer fires 3 torpedoes against the Norwegian merchant Force north-west of Egersund, Norway. All three torpedoes miss. Venturer then engaged the target with gunfire but the submarine was forced to break off this attack as she was fired upon by German shore batteries.
1944Virtue (P75)HMS Virtue fires three torpedoes against the German auxiliary netlayer Pir'us in the Skiathos Channel, Greece. All torpedoes miss.
19651921 - 1965: Ausonia (F53)Left Portsmouth for Castellon shipbreakers

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