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On This Day - September 16

1939Triad (N53)Completed
1939Seahorse (S98)HMS Seahorse departed Dundee for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the south-west coast of Norway.
1940H49HMS H 49 fired 4 torpedoes at a large, 16 ship, convoy and 8 bunched ships were fired at without success.
1942Sahib (P212)HMS Sahib sinks an Italian sailing vessel with gunfire west of Sardinia.
1943X9On 11th September 1943 X9 left Loch Cairnbawn under tow from HMS Syrtis to take part in the attack on the Scharnhorst. During the passage the Syrtis remained on the surface, whilst the x-craft, manned by a passage crew, remained dived. The midget submarine was due to surface at regular intervals to ventilate. On the 16th Syrtis made the signal for the x-craft to surface. There was no reply. At this point the tow was hauled in and was found to have parted and despite an extensive search, no sign of X9 was ever found.
1944Tradewind (P329)HMS Tradewind sinks two small Japanese vessels with scuttling charges off the Sunda Strait.
1944Trenchant (P331)HMS Trenchant lays mines in the the Straits of Malacca.
19581921 - 1965: Ausonia (F53)Commissioned at Devomport to relieve HMS Ranpura after 12 months in reserve

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