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On This Day - September 18

18791878 - 1919: MercuryCompleted at Pembroke Dockyard
1933Snapper (N39)Laid Down
1941U class submarinesFour Royal Navy U class submarines attacked a heavily escorted Italian convoy off the North African coast, sinking two large transports and damaging the third
1941Upholder (N99)HMS Upholder sinks the Italian troop ships Neptunia and Oceania; 384 people are drowned
1941Triumph (N18)HMS Triumph torpedoes and damages the Italian tanker Ardor off Capo Colonna.
1941Ursula (N59)HMS Ursula fires three torpedoes against the Italian troop transport Vulcania off Tripoli, Libya. All torpedoes missed.
1944Tradewind (P329)HMS Tradewind torpedoes and sinks the Japanese army cargo ship Junyo Maru about 18 nautical miles south of Mukomuko, Sumatra, Netherlands East Indies. Unbeknown to the Commanding Officer of the submarine, the Japanese ship was carrying 4200 Javanese slave labourers and 2300 Allied prisoners from Batavia to Padang. 5620 lives were lost in the sinking.

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